Free Fall lands January 20th, 2023 !

Christophe Panzani (tenor sax), Stefano Lucchini (drums) and Bruno Schorp (acoustic bass) present a set of eight arrangements of jazz standards recorded by Frederic Carrayol at Mercredi 9 Studio in Paris. Principally recorded with one single vintage, ribbon microphone, the album captures a magical two days of playing in the spirit of the moment. Mix and master by Tony Paeleman.

CD release concert at the Sunset on Saturday January 28th.
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Karl Jannuska "Duality" is out!

As of March 4th, 2022, the seventh album by the Paris-based, Canadian-born drummer, composer and lyricist Karl Jannuska is available on all of the usual streaming platforms and physical copies can be purchased on the Inouie distribution page. With a sense of duality rooted deeply in his life (starting with the presence of Janus, Roman god with two faces in his name) this set of Karl's original music blends acoustic and electric sounds and features the warm voice of Cynthia Abraham along with some of France's most in-demand musicians : Tony Paeleman, Pierre Perchaud and Christophe Panzani.

The video clip for the single : MIRACLES for more info.

CD Release concert @ Sunset (Paris) March 22nd, 2022
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Shed Music welcomes Guilhem Flouzat to the family

Drummer, composer and lyricist Guilhem Flouzat's new release "Turn the Sun to Green" (Shed 017) will see the light of day on Feb. 12, 2021 (12022021 for those of you who like palindromes).

Interpreted by the stellar cast of Isabel Sorling (voice), Laurent Coq (piano), Ralph Lavital (guitar) and Desmond White (acoustic bass), the music can be pre-ordered by clicking on the album cover.

Visit for more info.
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Tony Paeleman "The Fuse" released Jan. 22, 2021

The great reviews are pouring in for the The Fuse (3F Telerama, Le Monde, 4 stars in Jazz Magazine). Third album as a leader for Tony (Fender Rhodes and keyboards), his new trio includes musicians who need no introduction : Julien Herné on bass and Stéphane Huchard on drums.

The music grooves hard and shows off the group's mastery of sound. Check out the new video for the single "A Dance" by Vincent Bordes and click the album cover to listen / purchase the music. Available digitally, on CD or on vinyl.

For more information :

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